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Maltinti y Asociados is an International Law Firm based in Panama. Headquartered in the Banking Area of Panama, a worldwide financial hub, Maltinti y Asociados is committed to protect the interests of its clients with a legal practice focused on corporate law, immigration law, labor law, banking law and international law. In addition, Maltinti y…

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The Friendship, Commerce and Navigation, Treaty between the Republic of Panama and the Republic of Italy in 1966, has allowed many Italians to live and invest in Panama. For many years we have established a special relationship with our Italian nationals, thanks to a recognized loyalty and competence. However, Maltinti y Asociados has also implemented…


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Along many years of practice, our Firm has achieved recognized professional goals. This has been possible because all professionals have maintained the high standards that legal activity requires in a worldwide financial center as Panama. Today, Maltinti y Asociados is a reference for investors, local and multinational companies that invest in the Canal Area, doing business in the Capital or evaluating new opportunities in the interior of the Country. Despite the international vocation of the Firm, we have always maintained a strong relation with our Italian nationals who have decided to live and invest in Panama.

Being sure that we have always acted with transparency and loyalty towards our clients, we will continue to successfully defend the interests of all those who have decided and will decide to trust in Maltinti Y Asociados.

Carlo Maltinti

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+507 6613 3517


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