Maltinti y Asociados is an International Law Firm based in Panama.

Headquartered in the Banking Area of Panama, a worldwide financial hub, Maltinti y Asociados is committed to protect the interests of its clients with a legal practice focused on corporate law, immigration law, labor law, banking law and international law.

In addition, Maltinti y Asociados has achieved important connections with the banking and real estate sectors, both capitals for the Panamian economy.

Lawyer Carlo Maltinti, Founder of Maltinti y Asociados, Italian by birth and Panamian naturalized, is experienced in several areas of law and with a team of recognized professionals, represents today a reference for individual and corporate legal advice.

Particularly, the protection of assets, tax planning, banking account, among other services, have projected the Firm to a level of proven excellence.

With respect to the real estate market, Maltinti y Asociados manages the transactions from the beginning to the end, verifying the registration data and the presence of encumbrances on the real estate, assisting the clients at every stage of the purchase and sale of the real estate, and moreover drawing up all kinds of related contracts.

In the area of banking services, Maltinti y Asociados provides assistance on opening bank accounts and obtaining loans and bank mortgages in the most important banks of Panama.

Other areas of practice of Maltinti y Asociados are the financing of civil cases and assistance in civil, criminal and administrative proceedings.