Living and investing in Panama  

 Panama is a global financial center based on a strong bank system and the US dollar. Also, is an international hub because of the Panama Canal, one of the world’s most important crossroad of trade.

Likewise, Panamian tax system, its comfortable climate, and its laws in favor of investments have made Panama a preferential destination for many people looking for new life and work opportunities.

Maltinti y Asociados provides assistance for all the legal and administrative items to live and work in Panama.

In general, the National Immigration Service regulates the flows in and out of the country, in accordance with government directives.

The law also regulates the matter of temporary and permanent residencies and work permits.

In any case, it is very important to consult professionals to carry out all the procedures required by law, even more considering that the law is constantly evolving and a legal advice makes the difference to evaluate favorable legal provisions.

For example, there are facilities for so-called “friendly countries”, for workers hired by a local company, for multinational companies, for foreign investors.

Maltinti y Asociados’s professionals are able to handle all migration and labor matters thanks to their daily contacts with the relevant institutions and their long experience in the sector.