Services for Italians

 Maltinti y Asociados has always been a reference for Italians in Panama. 

In fact, since its foundation, and thanks to the Friendship, Commerce and Navigation Treaty between the Republic of Panama and the Republic of Italy, signed in 1966, Maltinti y Asociados has stood out for its legal practice in favor of Italians in Panama. In particular, the convention rules residency in Panama and work permits.

In order to permanent residency, the law requires to establish or maintain professional or economic relations in the country by the applicant.

It will be necessary to specify the economic or professional activity to develop and to demonstrate solvency for a short time, as well as, in case of incorporate a company, the proof of commercial relations with renowned local companies.

The verification of all conditions and requirements to live, work and set up businesses in Panama is assigned to specific governmental institutions.

Likewise, the time needed to comply with the procedures can vary greatly due to circumstances such as lack of documentation, expirations of some terms or wrong procedures. All these matters need the assistance of expert professionals.

As well as assistance in matters of residences, work permits, incorporation of companies, etc., Maltinti y Asociados, with its long experience in litigation, provides assistance in civil, criminal and administrative disputes that may affect Italians.