Tax services

The tax services offered by Estudio MALTINTI Y ASOCIADOS provide comprehensive assistance on individual and corporate income and for entities that operate both locally and internationally.

International tax planning

International tax planning consists of comparing regulations of different countries in order to choose the most appropriate tax regimen and to avoid double taxation, which occurs when two different countries tax to the same income. Double taxation is also the matter of international conventions and treaties, so that investors or ordinary citizens can choose the legislation that best suits their needs.

Panamanian law allows the incorporation in Panama of companies that earn abroad, so, by the principle of territoriality, their incomes are exempt from taxes.

The Republic of Panama is one of the few countries that allow this kind of exemption.

Among abroad tax-free transactions can be mentioned:

  • Invoicing operations carried out by distributors abroad
  • Profits from sales started in Panama and perfected abroad
  • Interest and commissions on loans, deposits and financial operations carried out abroad
  • Insurance premiums when the person or property is abroad